Tech Against Trafficking Announces 2021-2022 Impacts and Expanded Partnerships with Google and Meta

Since 2018 Tech Against Trafficking has been working to leverage technology to advance and scale the work of anti-trafficking organizations around the globe and bring together organizations operating across the anti-trafficking sector to enable systems-level change.  

Today, we are excited to share the Tech Against Trafficking 2021-2022 Impact Report, which highlights some of our achievements and innovative work for the broader community. 

TAT would like to express our deepest gratitude to our members, advisors, and our research partner, RESPECT, for enabling innovative and impactful work to help address human exploitation on a global scale. We look forward to building on this momentum and boosting the coalition’s impact by continuing to scale anti-trafficking technology tools, exploring best practices to address technology-facilitated trafficking, and working with survivor-led organizations to support better prevention and protection strategies.  

Expanding Membership

Tech Against Trafficking grew significantly in 2022 with two key technology companies, Google and Meta, joining the coalition. With their leverage, technology expertise, and commitment to address human trafficking, TAT will continue to expand its scope and impact.

There are many promising technological solutions that aim to address human trafficking, but it’s difficult to discern which solutions will scale well. We are therefore delighted to be part of Tech Against Trafficking to support solutions and policies that can most meaningfully tackle this challenging issue. 

– Shubha Chandra, Anti-Modern Slavery Lead, Google

“Meta is excited to join Tech Against Trafficking as a founding member to enhance our ongoing efforts to combat the abhorrent crime that is human trafficking. Human trafficking is a broad societal issue that can only be tackled with strong dedicated efforts amongst policymakers, civil society, academia, law enforcement and companies. We support Tech Against Trafficking’s work in bringing together stakeholders to prevent and disrupt this harm.”

 – Antigone Davis, Global Head of Safety, Meta

Accelerator Program Updates

In the second TAT Accelerator, we worked with the Lantern Project and Unseen UK to accelerate the impact of their technology platforms. TAT members supported both organizations in optimizing their data infrastructure and making sense of the human trafficking data they collect. In 2022, building on the success of the first two Accelerators, TAT launched a new Accelerator cycle, partnering with two leading civil society organizations, Polaris and Issara Institute. TAT aims to exponentially accelerate the impact of the promising technology platforms that these organizations have built to address labor exploitation and trafficking.

Policy Engagement and the Inaugural Tech Against Trafficking Summit

In 2022 Tech Against Trafficking continued to build on the success of its flagship Accelerator program while also expanding its work to areas such as forced labor and modern slavery policy and the opportunities presented by public-private collaboration in the anti-trafficking space. Tech Against Trafficking engaged with policymakers around the world to strategically address human trafficking and forced labor across global value chains, identifying challenges and opportunities for effective deployment of technology. Finally, in September 2022, Tech Against Trafficking hosted its inaugural Summit, bringing over 160 leaders from the anti-trafficking field, including businesses, survivors and activists, governments, investors, and civil society to expand opportunities for collaboration and accelerate the impact of innovative technology solutions addressing human trafficking.