Who's Involved
Who's Involved


Tech Against Trafficking members include some of the world’s largest technology companies, with the collective resources, expertise, and capacity for innovation to drive rapid progress on eliminating human trafficking.
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In addition to its member companies, Tech Against Trafficking draws upon the deep expertise of a range of organizations serving as advisors. Comprised of nonprofits, multilateral agencies, and academic institutions, Tech Against Trafficking Advisors guide companies in their collective efforts, highlighting potential issues and contributing diverse perspectives to ensure that solutions are fit for purpose.


Tech Against Trafficking is facilitated and managed by the following organizations.


BSR serves as the Secretariat for Tech Against Trafficking. BSR is a global nonprofit business network and consultancy dedicated to sustainability. BSR collaborations bring together more than 400 companies, spanning multiple sectors and geographies, to strengthen company performance, improve markets and industries, and contribute to systemic change for a more just and sustainable world.

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Geneva, the Global Initiative comprises a network of over 500 independent global and regional experts working on human rights, democracy, governance, and development issues where organized crime has become increasingly pertinent. The Global Initiative provides a platform to promote greater debate and innovative approaches as the building blocks to an inclusive global strategy against organized crime. It commissions and shares research globally; curates a robust resource library of 2,000 reports and tools specific to organized crime; and uses its tremendous convening power to unite both the private and public sectors against organized crime. Through a range of channels, the Global Initiative seeks to project the expertise of its Network members outwards and to make it available to a broader range of stakeholders, including through developing the evidence basis for policy-making; convening and facilitating multi-sectoral dialogue; and developing tools and programs necessary to further the development of effective responses to transnational organized crime.


The Responsible and Ethical Private Sector Coalition against Trafficking (RESPECT) initiative aims to assemble key thought leaders, practitioners, and policy makers to identify solutions to public and private sector challenges surrounding modern slavery. Particularly, RESPECT endeavours to add value where it can in facilitating debate between diverse stakeholders; providing relevant contributions to the research basis; building linkages to other crimes; and developing effective public policy towards a more effective global response.

Babson College’s Initiative on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery and International Organization for Migration (IOM) jointly with the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime were the founding organizations of the RESPECT initiative. As of July 2019, the Global Initiative hosts the RESPECT initiative and its activities, which includes serving as the research lead of the Tech Against Trafficking Initiative and expanding the Modern Slavery Map.


To help the Tech Against Trafficking Accelerator fulfil its mission, Tech Against Trafficking is looking for enthusiastic, collaborative contributors to provide support over the course of the six month Accelerator program.

If you are involved in technology and passionate about tackling human trafficking, this is an opportunity to gain experience of working with both start-ups and major global technology companies, while contributing to the development of tools with the potential to for major positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people around the world. No prior experience of working in human trafficking is required.

Please note that employment opportunities are not provided through this contributors program.


Contributors would ideally commit 2-4 hours per week assisting the Accelerator participants. Depending on your expertise and availability, engagement could range from a couple of weeks, working on a time bound project, to an extended period of engagement over the course of the six-month Accelerator. The exact time commitment will depend on what technical assistance the Accelerator participants need at various stages of the process and contributor availability.


Required skill sets will vary based on the needs of the organizations participating in the Accelerator program, but we are anticipating demands for help with the technical, design, and project management aspects of the following areas:
  1. Improving the design and implementation of existing technological solutions to permit scaling in terms of data, computation, cases, and users, as well as through a “lift-and-shift” migration to new geographical and cultural contexts.
  2. Developing data anonymization mechanisms, data sharing protocols, and data management platforms that are informed by the state-of-the-art in anonymization approaches, the need for standardized reporting, and the sensitive nature of human trafficking case records and other data.
  3. Investigating the potential for new forms of technology to transform each stage of the human trafficking lifecycle, for example the use of real-time spoken language translation to support victim outreach and survivor support
We are particularly interested in hearing from people with technical experience in the following:
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Security
And we welcome applications from people with experience in:
  • Interaction Design or Generalist Design
  • Strategy Development
  • Program and Project Scaling and Expansion
  • Program and Project Management
  • Data Analysis, Management, and Architecture

If you are interested in contributing and if you believe that you have useful skills for the Accelerator, please complete the application form.